chill murray (pharmacists) wrote in postzeitgeist,
chill murray


so this is where i live. small island near the middle of the continent, warm warm weather and gorgeous beaches everywhere, etc. etc. some americans might call this place i live in "suburbia" but not really, because we're basically twenty minutes away from the capital, nightlife, tourist places and such. sure the local music scene borders on ska and the local "rock" bands aren't good at trying to do the punk rock thing, but i couldn't imagine myself living anywhere else; for example i'd freeze to death in europe.


[obviously the sun is everywhere]

[view of my street]

[on the road]

& at the beach, best place to act like a tourist with good friends.

ps, i might have gone a little overboard showing off some old photographs, but only just a little bit. [for the sake of keeping neon_daylight happy]
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