hb (ex_pinkcockt666) wrote in postzeitgeist,


This is what we are like. We drink beer and wine from the bottle. We yell 'ooooiiiiii!' when bonding. We sit out in gardens, big jumpers trying to keep out the British cold in springtime. We love our meat and are all keen cooks and argue over the best way to make a BBQ, then pour whiskey on the fire and laugh. All of us remember Danger Mouse and Superted. We argue over which was the best local primary school, Alfred Sutton vs St Peters. We spill gin and orange down our tops and scab ciggerettes off each other shamelessly.
Girlfriends look after drunk boyfriends with a smile on their face. When a friend falls asleep we 'decorate' them and take pictures, knowing they'll laugh in the morning. We dare each other to eat nutmeg and snort coffee. Shower gel too sometimes. Falling through bushes and 'fence hopping' when we get bored. We quite often break garden chairs.

Lighters go missing and everyone is looking for Rizla.
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